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These are uncharted waters for us individually and collectively. We are watching our brave, frontline medical professionals walk into the fire, not knowing what the coming weeks or months will hold for them or our critically ill. The uncertainty surrounding PPE, medical equipment, proper staffing and surge capacities are all hanging in the balance.


We know that the days ahead will be long and mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. Feeding the Frontline MN believes that as a community we can come together to keep our doctors and nurses well nourished on the job, and we can support our local businesses while doing so. We are partnering with Minnesota owned restaurants and cafes to have nutrient-dense food delivered to Twin Cities hospitals. The added nutrition will help keep the medical team’s immune systems strong.


To create the greatest ease for hospital staff, we are coordinating directly with healthcare systems and local businesses to have meals delivered daily. This is a huge and costly initiative, yet we believe Minnesotans can come together to bring it to fruition. Our efforts will begin at Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul - Minnesota’s first COVID-19 facility - and we hope it will expand to all Twin City hospitals who desire this same gift.

Not surprisingly, every business we’ve contacted has expressed their desire to serve and participate however they can.

Multiple Twin Cities businesses have committed to taking orders within their capacity and have donated their nutrient-dense, packaged snacks. We are excited to connect with more local businesses and see this list grow.

A special shout out to these Twin Cities businesses:











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